Affordable Text Message Program for Your Business

As a Small Business Owner you have probably tried all types of marketing. You might have tried email marketing or col calling. Well we want to welcome you into a new era of text message marketing. There are no worries and you need not be a Tech wizard. Our program was built to be responsive for anyone. Try to change now especially when you can start texting with one of our very affordable programs.

Save Time and Money with Our Text Message Program

The time to take action is now. We realize that you are ready to get your Brand out to all your customers quickly. You might have had some issues with slow emails and emails not being opened by your Customers. Well the majority of Smartphone Owners will read Your Text Message instantly. Your purpose is to advance your business revenue so send SMS (Texts) and your buyers will see the alerts on their device. Our low priced Products are offered for any type of Small Business or Large Corporation.

Sending Your Specials to Specific Groups of Customers

You can get revved up with our system and send messages to your clients all at once or set up groups. You might have a restaurant business with a group of people who always come at lunch. You can promote your lunch menu specials to that group and then contact the Dinner group later in the day. Our prices start under $10 per month and there are no long term contracts. It is time to Sign Up Here Now!

Reach Your Sales Goals with SMS Marketing

These SMS (short message system) invitations are so simple to setup and send. The Affordable Texting Developers had all people in mind as they built this program to be used on a desktop computer or a laptop. Do you want to build momentum and become a Leader in your market? Well Sign Up Today with these very low prices to start now.

Get Your Customers Engaged with these Text Messages

We have all seen the growth of social media and realize more people want to be involved. There should be no doubts that as more and more people purchase smartphones and iPhones, texting is the way to market. If you are a real estate agent then you can direct your new listings to hot buyers. Texting has become more popular than phone calls so why not take advantage and advance your Business. You can communicate on a daily basis with your Clients or wait for that exceptional message that you want to send.

Why not make this day the day that you take action and Grow Your Business. Sign Up Now for our SMS marketing services!