Bulk Text Messaging Service for Marketing to Mobile Devices

Text Message Marketing has evolved and can help promote any type of Company. Maybe you don’t think of SMS marketing as a traditional form of advertising but times have changed. When you consider the amount of your customers who now have smartphones and iPhones, that should change your opinion. This texting service has become a terrific method to communicate with your buyers and clients.

What is SMS (short message system)?

SMS is frequently talked about as “text messaging,” and is a service for sending short messages. These messages can be delivered to mobile devices, including cell phones, smartphones, iPhones and tablets. Billions of people now own a mobile phone which can receive these Text Message ads. Some of the different terms which are associated with text advertising are mass SMS, mass texts, group texting, group SMS, bulk texts, text blast, SMS texting as well as text broadcasting.

Bulk Texts bring More Sales

There is no doubt that texting has become quite popular all over the globe. Bulk SMS have become very affordable and this allows you to send out large volumes of text messages at one time. Once you Sign Up with our Company then you will see these bulk sms transmissions are easy to send. Rethink your ideas if you’ve been contemplating spending money and time marketing with emails or cold calls. Start with our cutting edge Mobile Device marketing program and get results.

Inexpensive way to Grow Your Business

Text Marketing has become a very effective way to promote your Brand. The figures have grown to show that the majority of texts are read. The surveys state that the majority are read inside of one minute of delivery. You can be fully engaged with your recurring buyers as they will welcome your promotions. This texting operation will also show that you are grateful of the loyal patrons as you reward them with special offers. The timing of text marketing ads is remarkable as they are delivered and read so quickly.

There are millions of Companies which have started advertising on some type of Social Media outlet. Well think about your Customers and do you think they spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter? There is no reason to throw away your hard earned money just because Social Media Ads are trendy. Those ad campaigns on popular websites do not guarantee that your type of buyer will ever see them. Text messages are fast, trustworthy and have a much higher chance of being seen.

Sign Up Now for a Monthly Trial with No Annual Contract Required

We offer this opportunity so you can create ads easily and deliver them to your clients. The informed patron will normally act on the discounts, promotions and offers that you text to them. Start bringing traffic to your Business now with our text message marketing service!

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