Group Text Messaging Service for your Small Business


This texting program will help your small business connect with your customers. It is exciting to be able to send text messages to a group of patrons who have shown interest in your service. The SMS (short message system) can inform your clients of updates to a new promotion which you have ready to sell.

SMS Marketing Software is ideal for sending your Content

You may have worked on some specific content for over a week. You are charged up and prepared to blast it to all of your subscribers. So Join Now to Affordable Texting and send a text message to multiple recipients quickly. Your time is valuable so of course you don’t want to send individual text messages. Our new SMS marketing software is powerful and will allow you to send one message to multiple smartphone owners at one time.

Easily Manage Your Groups of Customers for Texting

Our developers have created this software to make it easy for you to manage groups for texting. Don’t be bogged down with slow, individual text messages. We can help so that you can communicate with all or most of your buyers at one time. Your monthly bill will not be shocking either as you can get a program for less than eight dollars per month.

SMS Marketing Programs with Unlimited Keywords

You can send to numerous smartphone users while having the capacity of using Unlimited Keywords. This is just one specific area that will attract your audience. Maybe you have a membership plan and the same keywords have not given you results. Many clients will love to see different keywords to break up the tedious repetition. When you Sign Up to our plans you can spice things up with fresh new keywords.

Create your Message and Broadcast it to Hundreds or Thousands

We have some advice for when you are broadcasting some content that you just generated. You should allow your members the opportunity to opt out of a group or from all future memos. You will see that an average adult will spend over 20 hours per week with texting on their mobile devices. So start generating more sales with texting!

Over ninety percent of smartphone owners will use their text app. These are the very people who will want to read your SMS (short message system) advertising campaigns. Your next price dip on a product will be a terrific moment to send that text message. Your members will enjoy that sale as we all want to get a great deal.

SMS B2B Marketing Campaigns

The recent studies have shown that over eighty percent of Business Owners are using some method of texting. So why not use our texting service for your next B2B (Business to Business) operations. Our Texting programs do not require a great deal of skill to use them. You can now have the ingredients to build a strong Brand with SMS Advertising.

Try now and receive a 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.