Cheapest Text Marketing Services for Your Business

You may have seen that there are some particularly cheap texting plans online. However if you do your homework, you will probably find out those plans only allow a few hundred texts per month? Our plans start just under $30 per month which is a small price for this latest SMS (short message system) software. Small Business Owners can now compete with the Big Companies such as Target, Kohl’s and Domino’s Pizza. Text messages to your customers will cultivate the bond that you have with them.

No Surprise Fees in Your Monthly Bills

While many Companies dish out bloated fees in their monthly bills, ours will be easy to figure out. You pay just what you asked for with the plan that you signed up for. Yes it can be frustrating to receive your monthly bill and see additional charges which you were not told of. We have all experienced that problem and then we waste so much trying to get it corrected if it ever does get fixed. That is why we want to keep things simple with a sufficient amount of plans with fixed prices and no bombshells. This is why it is not surprising that our Customers stay on board with us month after month.

Inexpensive Unlimited Texting Plans Presented to Small Business Owners

We did our research and have seen how many more people have become Buyers for iPhones and android smartphones. These customers of yours will enjoy your texts from this new marketing platform. Our Software Developers have created the unique platform for your Company to use with ease. Each offer that you send with your unlimited text message plan has the capability to increase your profits weekly.

Low Priced SMS Plans

You might have tried a bulk texting company that just throws out a low price but gives you minimal texts message campaigns. We made our system easy for your to blast out your content. If you want to begin sending messages and grow your Brand awareness, why not start today!

Your messages can be sent not just to sell but to inspire your customers and clients. How many people would enjoy a nice motivational memo or an uplifting quote during the day? We all know people who are addicted to their Text messages so you know your communications will be read quickly. Join now so you can get started immediately.

Cheap Mass Text Messaging Service

You can send a short message with a focus to grab the attention of your patrons. It can be an idea that pops in your head over lunch and within minutes that message can be in front of hundreds of buyers. Many people are always looking for the best deal so your audience will crave your text messages with sales, promotions or hot new deals.

Stay ahead of your competition and Sign UP Now for our easy to use text marketing system!